Father’s Day is a great time to be celebrated if you’re a dad, or to celebrate your dad and the men in your life who are father-like figures who have encouraged, cheered, coached, loved, and shared Jesus with you over the years.

A Prayer Guide For Fathers

Our Prayer Guide for Fathers is designed to help fathers pray for their children, themselves as fathers, and to help everyone pray for their father or father-like figure in their life. We invite you to download this prayer guide and pray Scripture over these special men.

God calls men to an important role as a father or father-like figure. He has called men to be the godly leaders of their homes, to be loving, strong protectors of their families. Godly men are great examples of God’s love for us, whether they are biological fathers or play that role in our life. We celebrate what God’s design is for men and want to encourage and pray for all men to step deeper into their roles.

Pray scripture over the fathers in your life. Download your free copy of our Prayer Guide for Fathers today!

Devotions For Dad

Holding Daddy’s Hand


The Promise Of A Father



Precious Memories With My Father


Fathers and father-like figures, we are grateful for you! You’ve sacrificed and given so much to lead your family well and to share the love of Jesus with those God has entrusted you with. Your answer to the call that God has given you is shaping their eternity. This Father’s Day, join Gordon Robertson in a special prayer for fathers to pray over their children.

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Spend Father’s Day with us to make your celebration extra special. We’re honouring all the dads out there – and praying God’s abundant blessings for you and your loved ones. This year we are featuring comedians to give you the gift of laughter, and Gordon’s steak recipe to tantalize your taste buds.