Overcoming Condemnation

Jun 5, 2024 | Devotional

By Bill Markham

In life’s journey, condemnation emerges as a relentless adversary both externally and internally.  

Externally, it crushes us with unattainable societal and religious standards, while internally, it feeds on our failure to be who we know we should be. This deeply impedes our ability to fully embrace and express the boundless Love of God, as expressed so well by Paul in Romans 8. So, how do we triumph over this pervasive human experience? 

First, we must acknowledge that Jesus alone is the Judge, and His judgment is marked by grace and compassion. Unlike the harsh condemnation imposed by human standards, Jesus offers conviction with a redemptive purpose, uplifting and guiding us towards growth. He wants you to win! 

Second, we must accept the freedom and forgiveness offered through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. Romans assures us that there is NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. His death paid the penalty for our shortcomings, granting us undeserved forgiveness and liberation.  

Lastly, we must believe that Jesus is for us, and not against us. He serves as our eternal intercessor before the Father. Having already secured victory, He stands as our unwavering ally, ensuring that condemnation holds no power over us. 

Today, let us stand firm in the promise found in Romans 8 (maybe take a moment to read it today) embracing Christ’s love and accepting the freedom granted through His sacrifice. By doing so, we can overcome the shackles of guilt and condemnation, and live abundantly in the life God intended for us. 


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