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We trust you will find this DVD informative and pray that it helps improve your quality of life.

On the 700 Club Canada, we also bring you stories of people who have been miraculously healed of their health issues; like Mary who suffered from migraines.

One day while watching the 700 Club, she heard Gordon Robertson say, “There is a woman named Mary… your migraines are being taken away.”

That got her attention!

Mary later told us, “I was just rejoicing that Jesus knew my name… and then I realized my headache was gone. And I never had this problem again.”

There is nothing too difficult for our Lord. If you are struggling, we want to pray for you. Just call our Prayer Line at 855-759-0700 or head over to our Prayer Page. Day or night, a caring member of our prayer team is always available to pray with you in faith.

Also, if you would like to join hand with us in spreading the Gospel to Canada, consider becoming a 700 Club Canada partner.

Together, we can make an eternal difference in the lives of people right here in our nation!

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