Week of Hope! 


January 11th-15th

We know this is a challenging time for many, so we are here to offer you some hope. Join us on The 700 Club Canada for an entire week devoted to issues facing many Canadians today. 

We’ll be joined by Psychologist Dr. Merry Lin, Psychotherapist and Mental Health Specialist Harrison Mungal, and Counsellor Andrew Blackwood for an in-depth discussion to equip you to handle issues like stress, depression and anxiety during these unprecedented times. 

Don’t miss this important week!

Dr. Merry Lin, Psychologist.

Dr. Merry Lin is a registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience in counselling individuals, couples and families on a variety of personal issues.

Andrew Blackwood, Counsellor.

Andrew, also known as Coach Drew, is a registered psychotherapist, life coach, worship leader, speaker, consultant, and educator.

Harrison Mungal, Psychotherapist and Mental Health Specialist.

Harrison Mungal is considered one of the leading cognitive therapist workshop presenters. He wears many hats in the field of supporting individuals, couples, families and cooperations.