Hosted by CBN’s Gordon Robertson and scripted and directed by Erin Zimmerman, the Written in Stone series takes you on a visual journey through the Bible to uncover ancient biblical secrets confirming the authenticity of scriptures.

Uncover stunning new artifacts and archaeological discoveries from King David in 1000 BC to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. Scripture tells the story, and now, fascinating new discoveries about people and places detailed in the Bible are being unearthed—affirming the scriptural truth.

Included in the 4-disc DVD set:

  • Written In Stone: Jesus of Nazareth takes you on a breath-taking journey, retracing the life of Jesus. Where did Jesus live? Where did He teach? Where was He tried by Pontius Pilate? And do we know for sure where He was born… and where He died? Some of the answers may surprise you.
  • Written In Stone: Kings and Prophets explores the Holy Land and ancient Persia to see how stunning archaeological discoveries are revealing clear evidence about the lives of Israel’s most-renowned leaders.
  • For centuries, the Bible was the only written evidence that David existed. Written in Stone: House of David, leads you on a historic journey in search of archaeological evidence revealing what life was like during the reigns of Israel’s greatest kings, David and Solomon.
  • The Temple Mount is the most important archaeological site in Israel and the most disputed piece of land on earth. Written in Stone: Secrets of the Temple reveals how new archaeological discoveries near the Temple Mount are offering a look into the actual places Jesus visited and its historic significance—from Abraham to the modern day.

From excavations in Israel to some of the world’s most famous museums, this 4-disc-series reveals how archaeology affirms the truth of the Bible. Get your exclusive copy today. Perfect as a gift for a loved one, or for your church bible study group!




Written in Stone

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